Husband in disguise

The marriage occurred for reasons other than love. Sawawat's reason was to escape debt. In contrast, Anutsaniya accepted the marriage to end her unfeasible relationship with her stepfather. The beginning of this relationship was as simple as it could be, but no one knows how difficult it will be to start over from scratch.

Behind The Revenge

Ponwalai, Yodthian's younger sister, is Prakob's lover. He lavishes both his wealth and affection on her, but she has another man. When Prakob dies from a heart attack, leaving much of his wealth to Ponwalai, his son Noppharuj becomes furious with both her and Yodthian. Noppharuj pursues them for revenge, while Yodthian allows him to do whatever he wants because she feels guilty for her sister's actions.

Find Yourself

"Find Yourself" is an adaptation of the popular Chinese drama "Next Stop, Happiness", both of which draw inspiration from the immensely popular and beloved South Korean drama "She Was Pretty".

After its release, the Chinese version of "Find Yourself", titled "Next Stop, Happiness", was highly successful and received positive reception from audiences. It is known that "Next Stop, Happiness" achieved very high viewership ratings and ranked among the top in terms of revenue (2020). Despite only airing a few episodes, the series has already garnered a plethora of praise.

Cheating Spouse

Loving the wrong person and marrying the wrong spouse, all brings to a struggling life. Their marriage is not a final conclusion of love, but the beginning. Every single day is more complicated. The happiness of romance is going to be lying relationship.


Club Friday The Series 16 Hot Love Issue: Love Superstition

Fon is a manager at a beauty care product advertising company, she is beautiful and passionate about her work, but deep inside she carries a painful love past that no one knows about.

She once attempted suicide due to heartbreak when her boyfriend abandoned her, while her family faced bankruptcy... everything seemed to collapse, but by her side, she always had her loving aunt and her supportive best friend. She's a girl who doesn't believe in supernatural stories, but in her darkest moments, Aunt Sorn guided her back to positivity, tradition, and faith...

Club Friday The Series 16 Hot Love Issue: Secret of Dating Apps

The notion of "I'm lonely" or "Just for fun" has often driven people to meet on dating apps, which can eventually lead to infidelity. According to the World Population Review website, Thailand ranks fourth among countries with the highest rates of infidelity, following the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. One of the primary factors contributing to infidelity is the use of online dating apps.

Many individuals fail to recognize that their casual encounters or momentary pleasures can transform into despair when their lives are at stake, especially when both parties already have families. Nevertheless, people continue to seek excitement through dating apps. What starts as a simple "Don't worry about it" can escalate into something difficult to quit, often resulting in a disaster for their families.

Club Friday The Series 16 Hot Love Issue: One night stand gggggggggg

In  an  era where self-respect is sometimes overlooked, some women may find reasons to engage in casual encounters before parting ways, under the banner of 'My body, my choice.’

But the real question is, can we continue living our lives this way? What will become of our relationships? Will we even have relationships in the future? Will we one day look back and regret our actions? The day when our perspective shifts, the day we yearn for a family, a partner who is truly compatible, loves us deeply, and desires to spend the rest of their life with us.

Club Friday The Series 16 Hot Love Issue: Depression or just selfishness

Depression is a severe mental condition that manifests in various ways within our society. Often, we witness the struggles faced by individuals who battle depression, and their difficulties in interacting with others. However, a more pressing concern arises when individuals are tasked with living alongside someone who is grappling with depression. The situation becomes even more challenging when the depressed individual rejects treatment, using their condition as leverage to manipulate their loved ones into complying with their desires.